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Supporting Communication and Language, we partner with schools, pre-schools, Local Authorities and SEND provision , facilitating Helicopter Stories and The Poetry Basket across the UK and beyond.

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Collaborating directly with numerous schools and settings across the UK and globally, we also work within SEND provision (see our case study), supporting teachers to adapt our programmes for the children in their care.  Internationally, Helicopter Stories and The Poetry Basket are proven to support children with EAL.

Our approach has garnered recognition from Local Authorities, schools and settings for its multifaceted benefits in nurturing children’s creative storytelling and poetry reciting abilities. Through our Online Learning Courses, we empower children aged 2 to 7 to actively engage in telling stories and acting them out. We consistently receive overwhelmingly positive feedback, with practitioners expressing their surprise at what their children are able to achieve.

Join us in boosting quality talk in early years education. Empower your young learners to find their voice as storytellers and emergent writers, paving their way to lifelong learning and creative expression. Our range of on-demand courses is designed to seamlessly integrate into your curriculum, sparking joy, curiosity, and developmental growth. Explore our online courses today and let the magic of Helicopter Stories inspire your practice.

Key benefits of Helicopter Stories

Who uses our early learning & storytelling programmes?

Schools & Preschools

We offer a range of poetry and storytelling programmes that support communication and language development and that can be used instantly with children aged 2 to 7.

Our programmes include:

  • A variety of approaches to get young children talking
  • Insight into how Helicopter Stories works
  • A fantastic variety of poems that are easy to learn
  • Engaging audio-only stories that build focus and attention

Local Authorities

We create tailor made, bespoke programmes for Local Authorities, offering a blended learning approach to meet the needs of their schools and settings. We are able to:

  • Provide a Project Launch
  • Create a number of Helicopter Stories Hubs in a local area
  • Offer On Demand pre-recorded training that lasts for one year
  • Deliver Live Online session to facilitate discussions
  • Present opportunities for individual practitioner feedback
  • Support communication & language development across a local authority

SEND provision

We partner with SEND schools, supporting practitioners to use storytelling and poetry in their classrooms, exploring together the best ways to adapt our work to meet the specifics needs of the children in their care.

SEND Practitioners using our programmes have benefited from:

  • Videos and blogs showing the benefits of our work in other SEND settings
  • Examples of Communication Mats being used with non-verbal children
  • Suggestions on how Switch buttons can be used with the Poetry Basket to engage children with profound complex and multiple needs.

International Schools

Helicopter Stories and The Poetry Basket are widely used across the world, and recognised for their ability to support children who speak English as an additional language.

Our Poetry and storytelling courses have been used to:

  • Expand vocabulary through the use of Poetry with actions
  • Raise confidence in children’s abilities to communicate their stories in an additional language
  • Break down language barriers by acting out stories
  • Create bilingual or multilingual storytelling sessions

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At Helicopter Stories, we believe that every child is a natural storyteller. 

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