Your frequently asked questions from Helicopter Stories and the courses and teaching programs we run

How do I login/access the site?

If setting up your account for the first time, you can do this simply by purchasing a programme from our online learning panel and then following the steps accordingly.

The site can be accessed via laptop/computer, mobile phone or tablet. Simply click the ‘login’ button on the top right hand corner of the toolbar, and proceed to type in your username and password.

How do I change my password?

If you cannot remember your password, click here.

If you want to amend your password or make any changes to your account, click here.

If you are still having trouble accessing your account, do get in touch via [email protected]. We aim to reply within 24 to 48 hours during school term time.

Can I pay by invoice?

Yes, all of our programmes can be purchased via invoice, however this will incur a £7 administrative fee if purchasing only The Poetry Basket, The Poetry Basket 2 or The Story Basket. Setting up an account and paying on the website (without an invoice) does not incur an administrative fee. 

If your school/setting does need to pay via invoice, please send the following details to [email protected]:
  • Name and postal address for your school or setting
  • Email address and details of the person we need to invoice
  • If you are required to create a purchase order to pay an invoice, we will need this number before we are able to set up your login details, so please include this with your order. Where they are not included we will assume that a purchase order is not necessary
  • The name, email address and year group worked with – of the person who will be using the online course, so we can create the correct login details

How do the subscriptions work?

  • Helicopter Stories On Demand: the subscription gives you access to the training for one year. If you would like to renew after one year, please do contact us
  • The Poetry Basket is a one-time purchase (own for life), so no subscription is required
  • The Story Basket, The Christmas Basket and The Poetry Basket 2: are all paid for by yearly subscription and will automatically renew unless cancelled. You can cancel the subscription at any time, and you will still have access for an entire year from the date purchased. They are subscription-based so MakeBelieve Arts can continue its charitable work; keeping the resources up-to-date, making new ones and supporting schools and settings across the UK.

How many logins am I entitled to/how can I get multiple logins?

For The Poetry BasketThe Poetry Basket 2The Story Basket and The Christmas Basket, one login gives access to one person in a school or setting. 

For Helicopter Stories On Demand, the training gives access to multiple teachers/ practitioners. The recommended price of £360 gives access to four members of staff. If you would like more logins, please contact us directly. Alternatively, very small settings can also apply for discounts.

How can I get a face-to-face Helicopter Stories session?

MakeBelieve Arts is a small registered charity with only two of our three person team responsible for training. For several years we have been planning on moving Helicopter Stories training online, as we have been unable to keep up with the demand for our services. One of the positives to come out of the current climate is that we have been able to achieve this. 

In October 2020 we launched Helicopter Stories On Demand. The training includes video footage of children taking part in the approach, alongside commentary and analysis by Trisha Lee. Being able to refer directly to footage enables us to go deeper than we have ever had time to do in a one-day programme, ensuring we provide a more in-depth level of training. Helicopter Stories on Demand takes participants through the four stages of the approach, alongside videos on grammar, emergent writing, violence and weapon play in children’s dictated stories, as well as the power of story, working with two year olds and working with children with special education needs.

I can’t access the site because of my school/setting’s firewall, what should I do? 

Sometimes when people first try to log onto helicopterstories.co.uk whilst at their place of work, particularly on an individual school computer, they are unable to access the site. This might look like the site is down or that there is a warning that the site is unsafe. If this happens it will be due to the firewall settings at your school or preschool.

To check this, try loading the site on a mobile phone that is not attached to the school website. This should reassure you that the site is working. You will then need to contact the person responsible for IT and ask them to register helicopterstories.co.uk as a safe site. They need to ensure that your web filter allows secure (encrypted) requests from both helicopterstories.co.uk and vimeo.com, which is where the video content is stored.

If you have taken these measures and you are still having issues, do not hesitate to contact us on [email protected]

How long do I have access for?

The length of time you have access to each programme depends on the programme itself. For example, The Poetry Basket is not subscription-based and gives you access for life, whereas The Story Basket and The Poetry Basket 2 are yearly rolling subscriptions. Helicopter Stories On Demand gives one year’s worth of access, and can be renewed upon request.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on [email protected]