Early Years Learning and Storytelling Programmes

At Helicopter Stories, we believe that every child is a natural storyteller. Our Early Learning programmes and courses are carefully crafted to tap into this innate creativity, fostering an environment where young minds flourish. Guided by the teachings of the renowned Vivian Gussin Paley, we celebrate the magic of storytelling and harness its potential to enrich children’s communication and language development.

Early Years Learning
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Early Years Storytelling

Helicopter Stories

Interactive Storytelling that gets every child involved

Helicopter Stories is a simple approach to supporting Early Learning Years Education. The practitioner sits with the child, listens to their story, and writes it down word for word. Once all the stories have been scribed, the class gather around a taped out stage, ready to act them out. Helicopter Stories values children’s creativity and imaginative play, whilst supporting language development, storytelling and emergent literacy. 

Helicopter Stories improves children’s:

Easy as 1, 2, 3

See it in 30 Seconds!

1.Scribe a Story

Sit with a child and write down their story word for word. Read it back to the child and ask which character they would like to play.

2.Mark out the Stage

Create a stage out of masking tape and gather the children around the outside ready to act out their stories.

3.Act out the Story

The children take it in turns to act out the other characters in the story from their place around the stage.

Our Teaching Programmes

Helicopter Stories On Demand

Helicopter Stories On Demand gives up to 4 members of your team, ONE YEAR'S access to this online training. The course includes everything you need to begin delivering Helicopter Stories in...

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Helicopter Stories at Home

Helicopter Stories at Home is a BUY ONCE OWN FOR LIFE programme, containing all the training, information and resources practitioners need to introduce Helicopter Stories to the parents and carers...

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The Poetry Basket

The Poetry Basket is Buy Once, Own For Life. It includes 36 lesser-known children’s rhymes from anonymous authors and follows the seasons of the year. Suitable for Teachers, Early Years...

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Poetry Basket 1: Seasons

Poetry Basket 1: Seasons includes 40 lesser-known children’s rhymes from anonymous authors and follows the seasons of the year. Suitable for Teachers, Early Years Practitioners, Parents and Carers of children...

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Poetry Basket 2: Themes

The Poetry Basket 2 is payable by annual subscription. It contains poems, across ten themes: Dinosaurs, All About Me, Emotions, Down on the Farm, Superheroes, Insects and Minibeasts, Space, The...

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The Story Basket

The Story Basket is payable by annual subscription. It contains audio only stories, alongside a host of resources, word banks, Helicopter Stories version of each story to act out and...

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Helicopter Stories Tales

This programme contains three videos of Trisha Lee reading from her Helicopter Stories Tales picture books. The picture books are included in the price, and will be sent by post,...

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The Christmas Basket

The Christmas Basket contains, Three Christmas Stories, Sixteen Seasonal Poems, Five Festive Songs, Five Yuletide Crafts Ideas and a Partridge in a Pear Tree. These resources are suitable for children...

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Creative Early Years Storytelling

We believe that Helicopter Stories is more important now than it has ever been. Education is changing. The focus on testing and grading our children is creating a culture where regurgitating facts is valued above creativity and where less time is set aside for children’s own imaginative play.

In 2010, IBM conducted a survey of business owners where they asked them what they valued as the most important attribute in the people they recruited. The top answer by far was creativity. We need to be raising creative, innovative children who can think outside the box. That is what the world needs at the moment.  And that is what Helicopter Stories offers to children aged 2 to 7.

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