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Like you, we believe in the transformative nature of the Early Years – that’s why our storytelling curriculum puts children’s narratives at the heart of teaching.

About Helicopter Stories:

Helicopter Stories is an accessible and child-led approach to education, pioneered by the small education charity MakeBelieve Arts. Rooted in storytelling and story-acting, it helps teachers and practitioners to support the needs and development of each and every child. 

Alongside our trusty guide – Helicopter Stories On Demand, you’ll just need the contents of your desk drawer and some eager participants aged 2-7 to get going.

Helicopter Stories


Why is Poetry Important?

Isla Hill, Education Director, MakeBelieve Arts “The best poetry says something that lasts. It leaves a footprint deep in the...

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Let Their Imaginations Fly

Joby Gifford (Pre-School Manager, Sunnyside Pre-School) ‘It’s important to remember, the imagination of young children can be unleashed at any...

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Hearts beating as one…

At the beginning of a new academic year, I am often asked, ‘When is a good time to start Helicopter Stories?’...

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Now Available

Helicopter Stories On Demand

Re-imagine learning, without the waiting list

Helicopter Stories On Demand gives you a year of online access to training videos presented by Trisha Lee, teaching you how to introduce the approach in your setting. It is packed full of resources, activities, anecdotes and video footage of children engaging in Helicopter Stories.

The approach will show you how to nurture and enthuse children of all backgrounds and abilities; centring the child through the power of story. It puts forward a sound educational philosophy and pioneers the work of fabled Kindergarten teacher, Early Years education explorer and author Vivian Gussin Paley.

Cost: £360 per individual school or setting. If you are a small setting you can apply to info@helicopterstories.co.uk for a 50% discount.

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