Helicopter Stories Tales Bundle
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With this option you are buying the following three picture books:

  • It’s Only Pretend
  • It’s Not Fair
  • I Can’t Remember


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With this option you are buying the following three picture books:

It’s Only Pretend

Ollie really wants to play a princess in Ariana’s story. He stops, confused, when some of the other boys laugh. But when Noah, the new boy, refuses to take any notice of the laughter, Oliver discovers that there is another way…

It’s Not Fair

Marta doesn’t want Noah in her story. She wants her friend Shamika. Ms Fable says they have to take it in turns, but Marta doesn’t think that is fair. When Noah becomes upset because of how Marta is behaving, she begins to realise that playing with other children can open up a whole load of fun she had never imagined possible…

I Can’t Remember

Ella O’Connor desperately wants to tell a story, but every time she opens her mouth, the words disappear.  Will she ever discover the joy of becoming a storyteller and unlock the secret that ideas and stories can be found everywhere?


These beautifully illustrated story books explore common situations that arise for children and teachers taking part in Helicopter Stories and allows the children to explore their feelings in a sensitive and supportive environment. Each story is accompanied by  notes on how to use the book with young children, along with questions and discussion prompts that can be incorporated into the curriculum.

Trisha Lee is a writer, theatre director and storyteller. She pioneered Helicopter Stories in the UK and founded the theatre and education charity MakeBelieve Arts.

Amie Taylor is a writer and artist. She founded her shadow puppetry and illustration company, The Shadow Makers in 2013 and now delivers workshops and projects in creating shadow work and illustration.

“These picture books bring to life the magic of Storytelling and Story Acting… An invaluable resource for anyone who is developing the art of Helicopter Stories in their setting.”

Anna Ephgrave – author of five books around the topic of Planning in the Moment