The Woman Who Cooked Everything


A highly useful resource, crammed full of stories dictated by children aged 3-7 years old during Helicopter Stories sessions. Use the stories in this book as a perfect way to introduce Helicopter Stories to a group of children for the first time.



The Woman Who Cooked Everything is a little Tao of wisdom from young children. This book is often used by practitioners to introduce Helicopter Stories to children as part of Stage 1 of the approach. It is also useful for inspiring children’s own storytelling. Each story was scribed verbatim from children age 3-5 during Helicopter Stories sessions. Schools from Lewisham and Tower Hamlets were then sent copies of these stories and asked to involve their children in creating the illustrations. We had over 1000 submissions which were judged by a panel of artists and early year practitioners. The result is this inspiring book of stories.

The tiger comes. And the lion tried to eat the tiger.
And the wind blow them over.
And they were stuck together, rolling.
And then they were friends again.