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The Princess and the Pea Sample Session (07:43)

Welcome to this sample lesson from The Story Basket. The programme consists of 17 stories of varying lengths, between five and fourteen minutes and accompanying activities. After the title we always include in brackets information on how long each story is. This story last 7 minutes, 43 seconds. For stories that are over 8 minutes long, we also include information on where to break it into two parts for wriggly children.

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A terrible storm brings a princess knocking on the door of a castle. For the prince it’s love at first sight, but can a dried up pea under a pile of forty mattresses really reveal whether this is a real princess or not?

Below the MP3 of every story there is a series of images and words that form a word bank to support the story that is being told. These can be used to introduce children to words they might not be familiar with and can be particularly helpful for EAL children. Below the word bank you will find a link to the activities tab. 

In this story you will find…

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