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The Poetry Basket 2

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SAMPLE I’m a T-Rex – a six line poem

Scroll down to enjoy a SAMPLE poem from The Poetry Basket 2.

The Poetry Basket 2 consists of 36 videos of poems suitable for children in the Early Years and KS1. Each poem is between 4 to 8 lines long and is accompanied by actions to make them easier to learn. We always include the length of the poem in the title to help you decide which one to start learning with your children.

Above the video of each poem is a button where you can download the words as an A4 document. Within the full programme you can download a booklet of the words to all the poems for under each theme.

The Poetry Basket 2 contains 6 themes – Dinosaurs, Space, All About Me, Minibeasts, Animals and The Natural World

If after sampling this session you wish to buy access to the full Poetry Basket 2 please click here.

Click on the button to download the words

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