About The Poetry Basket

The Poetry Basket consists of thirty-six videos containing poems with actions for children aged 3 to 6. The scheme includes poems for every season, with twelve poems selected for each of the three academic terms. Performed by MakeBelieve Arts Artistic Director Trisha Lee, these poems include many lesser-known children’s rhymes from anonymous authors.

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I have seen the impact The Poetry Basket has had on my children, on their rhyming and on the vocabulary they are using. My class loved learning the poems when we trialed this programme with Trisha Lee. The simplicity of the rhymes and the actions contained in these videos, means that we are able to continue to introduce new poems throughout the year.

My class loved learning their first poem this week! Poetry Basket is easy to use and it is useful that each term some of the poems are seasonal. We are going to enjoy learning the poems throughout the year!